Boruto Reveals Kara's Next Big Target

Chapter 34 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations deals with the aftermath of Naruto's decisive battle with Delta, the cybernetically-enhanced enforcer from the mysterious Kara organization. That fallout included Naruto taking in Kara's all-important "vessel," Kawaki, as well as the ramifications when Kara's "Inner" circle finds out that Naruto has beaten Delta.

In regards to the latter: this new issue of the Boruto manga takes us into Kara's headquarters, where it's revealed that Delta has a unique regenerative ability: the flying drone that accompanies her uploads her consciousness, which is then transferred to a new Delta body - one of several that Kara keeps in storage.

Delta comes back to life raging hard against Naruto, ready for immediate payback. She's mocked by her fellow "Inner" members Boro and Code, but Jigen tugs the leash and calms his soldiers down. When Kara's boss man questions Delta about her defeat, he gets this key piece of information from his lieutenant:

"The Karma! There's one other who has it, besides you and Kawaki, Jigen... Boruto Uzumaki. The Hokage's son... Kawaki and Boruto... I personally witnessed their Karmas resonate with each other and their powers get amplified. No mistake, it's a bonafide Karma."

The piece of intel immediately changes Jigen's dispotion. The mysterious Kara leader quickly deduces the source of Boruto's new Karma mark, musing over the trickery of the late Momoshiki Otsutsuki:

"Momoshiki you sly fox! You *did* manage to leave behind a vessel... as you died!"

Before this moment, the Kara members were openly discussing how they had been targeting both Naruto and Sasuke, doing recon on both to determine which one of them held the Karma mark. It's clear that the Kara members have intricate knowledge of the Otsutsuki, as they know that killing one of the godlike beings comes with the caveat of having to wear the Karma mark. What the group didn't know, however, is that it was Boruto who delivered the kill-shot to Momoshiki.

If Jigen and Kara underestimated Boruto before, they certainly aren't going to now. In fact, Bortuo has no idea that a massive target has now been painted on his back, as Kara will be coming for him, as well as Kawaki! Can Naruto defend both his son and his newest student? We'll soon see...

Boruto releases new manga chapters monthly, and new anime episodes weekly on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu.



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