'Boruto's Final Momoshiki Battle Brings Back SPOILER

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just had its best episode yet, with episode 65 chronicling the epic final battle between Naruto, Sasuke, Boruto, and the evil "god," Momoshiki Otsutsuki. The battle actually played out in two phases: at first it looked like the combined might of Naruto and Sasuke would be enough to destroy Momoshiki. However, just when victory was in the heroes' grasp, a Naruto character we haven't seen in awhile made a surprising return - and totally screwed things up!

Read below for the breakdown - but be warned, major spoilers follow!


Momoshiki Otsutsuki's fused form with his henchman Kinshiki proved powerful enough to take down for of the Five Kages in mere seconds of battle. Even when Naruto and Sasuke launched an impressive fusion attack, it required them to fuse their chakra into a massive armored version of Nine-Tails, in order to bring Momoshiki down. Just when the Otsutsuki threat looked like it was over, Katasuke Tono appeared on the battlefield!

A unlikely as it seems, Katasuke and another member of his Scientific Ninja Weapons Team followed Boruto and the Five Kages through Sasuke's portal to the realm where Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki are holding Naruto. After Naruto and Sasuke take Momoshiki down, Katasuke tries to claim the glory of the victory by using his Scientific Ninja Tool for the kill-shot on Momoshiki. Unfortunately, Katasuke never got the memo about how Momoshiki's powers work; when the villain is hit with the energy of the Ninja Tool, he instantly absorbs it, getting a massive recharge, rather than being destroyed.

Because of Katasuke, Naruto and Sasuke are left beat-up and exhausted and unable to withstand a new round of attacks; it's left up to Boruto, who is urged by Sasuke to unleash an unprecedented new Rasengan attack, stunning Momoshiki long enough for Sasuke and Naruto to recover. Together, father and son create a massive second Rasengan, which Boruto hurls right into Momoshiki, destroying him for good (or did it?...).

Fans who have been reading the Boruto manga know that Katasuke's story doesn't end here. After being arrested by Naruto for his interference in both the rescue operation and Boruto's dishonest performance in the Chunin Exams, we get to learn more about what actually happened to Katasuke, in that strange epilogue where he was ambushed in his lab. Without dropping Spoilers, it's revealed that Katasuke is the connection to the next big threat facing the Hidden Leaf - one that will shape Boruto's ominous future a the greatest Shinobi of a dark era.


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