'Naruto' Confirms 'Boruto's Impending Mitsuki Arc

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is currently indulging in some fun filler material after its big [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is currently indulging in some fun filler material after its big "Vs. Momoshiki Arc", but that downtime won't be lasting for too long! A new batch of Naruto saga spoilers has revealed that the anime will be airing a new Mitsuki Arc in about a month's time.

As for what the "Mitsuki Arc" will be all about - you can check out the synopsis for Boruto episode 72 below (via Reddit), which thankfully provides more insight (forgive any errors in translation):

"episode #72: Mitsuki's Will

Ninjas who were guarding the entrance in the village of Konoha were attacked. At the same time Mitsuki suddenly disappeared. Unaware of it, Boruto and Sarada visit Mitsuki's home to inform him that the sheduled mission has been canceled."

The mystery of Mitsuki has a slow-burning subplot since Boruto first began. In gradual steps we've learned that Mitsuki is a clone creation of Orochimaru; that there were five previous attempts to make a Mitsuki; and that this sixth iteration is special, having mastered a Sage Mode power that may make him one of the most formidable shinobi of Boruto's generation. However, once Mitsuki's true power and potential is revealed, it's been teased that Mitsuki would be ostracized from Hidden Leaf, and his friends in Team 7. Since Mitsuki sees Boruto as the sun to his moon, that separation is one Mitsuki wants to avoid for as long as possible.

This story arc will be anime original, with the Boruto manga having never covered such a Mitsuki-centric storyline. Fans are already debating whether that means it should be considered canon, or if it's going to be a relevant and important arc, or just more filler before Boruto moves toward the real big story arc fans are hyped for: the start of the "Kawaki Arc", which introduces the mysterious foe Adult Boruto fought in the series' opening, as well as the mysterious organization known as Kara. We have to wonder if this Mitsuki episode will have connection to that larger arc - or perhaps to some other threat from characters like Orochimaru or the Otsutsuki, who are all still lurking in the wings.

In our recent breakdown of why Boruto is becoming the best Naruto series around, we cited the fact that the series is able to make even filler material more fun, through a combination of good side characters and some fun Naruto callbacks. As one of the top fan-faves, Mitsuki's arc will definitely fit that mold.

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