Naruto Sets Up Boruto and Kawaki In A Twisted Love Triangle

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga chapter 57 sets up some major new developments to play out, in the newest arc about the new Kara villain, Code. The death of Isshiki Otsutsuki kick-started a new plot, in which Isshiki's dying spirit taps his failed vessel Code to complete Isshiki's vision of harvesting and consuming Earth's chakra. To help build his ranks, Code seeks out one of Kara's most feared cyborg creations, Eida, and awakens her from cryo-slumber. However, Eida's surprisingly strange powers quickly get put to good use, in a most unexpected way - like snaring both Boruto and Kawaki in a twisted love triangle!

Warning: Boruto Chapter 57 SPOILERS Follow!

As it turns out, Eida's powers are clairvoyance (the ability to view events currently happening or that happened in the past years of her lifetime), and a "love spell" that makes anyone (man or woman) become infatuated with her. That latter ability is what secretly torments Eida: never knowing if people truly love her, or if it's a result of her powers affecting them. There are two exceptions to Eida's Love Spell effect, however: blood relatives, and the Otsutsuki.

That's where Boruto and Kawaki come in. As Code and Eida analyze the situation, they form a theory: the fact that Kawaki is almost completely transformed into an Otsutsuki means that he most likely wouldn't be affected by Eida's love spell. If that's true for Kawaki, Code theorizes that it's also true for Boruto. Eida has two potential "princes" to now choose from, but that love triangle has a pretty dark outcome for the suitor who isn't chosen. As it now stands, Eida will select either Kawaki or Boruto to be her one and only man, while the rejected boy gets fed to the Ten-Tails in order to grow the Divine Tree and fulfill Code's mission.

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To say that Eida is about to make things awkward for Boruto and Kawaki is an understatement. The two boys know a lot about battle and ninjutsu technique - but neither of them has much in the way of experience (or game) when it comes to girls. As Kara servant "Bug" thinks to himself, both Code and Eida are almost casually sociopathic in their discussion of whether to love or kill two young men. In that sense, it's hard to measure which would be worse for Boruto and/or Kawaki: being food for Ten-Tails, or behind Eida's boyfriend.


We'll find out soon enough, in the forthcoming chapters of Boruto's manga.