Boruto Anime Has Reportedly Started Work on the Ao Arc

Boruto has been busy with one of its most difficult arcs to date. Upon its release, fans were wowed with the sequel's take on the final Naruto film, but Boruto got into the thick of things with its Mujina Bandits arc. This story marks the first manga-derived arc the anime has tackled, and a new report suggests the team has its eye on another.

Recently, a report went live about the progress being done by the Boruto team. OrganicDinosaur made a post which suggests the show's team has already started "working" on the Ao Arc (via Spiralling Sphere).

Currently, fans have not gotten official word on the arc's progress, but fans are hoping the Ao Arc debuts sooner before later. There is no doubt the ongoing pandemic has shifted production schedules for Boruto, and it will likely continue for some time. This period of pandemic is unprecedented for the modern age, but the Boruto team has assured fans it is doing well on Twitter.

Fans can look forward to this big Boruto arc, but they will need to endure another filler arc. In the past, the fandom has had differing reactions to such arcs, but they are necessary to give staff the space needed to make manga-derived arcs. That is more important to do now than ever before, and these upcoming episodes will give fans the chance to check-in on lesser seen characters like Himawari and others.

As for the Ao Arc, there is plenty of reason to be excited about it. The story follows the Mujina Bandits arc in the manga, and it sees Boruto Uzumaki meet a man from Naruto's past. Fans will remember Ao from his work during the Fourth Great Ninja War, but they will not recognize the kind of man who he's turned into since then.


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