Boruto Shares a Recent Scene's Uncensored Cut

When it comes to Boruto, fans may be divided on the anime's best, but they seem confident about where the show is going. The series promises to dive into the manga's juicier arcs in the new year, and that means fans will grow accustomed to Kara. Of course, that also means even gnarlier fights are about to join the universe, and Boruto just gave fans a peek at one such uncensored moment.

If you are keeping up with Boruto, then you know the sequel put out an episode last week which pitted the Leaf against Victor once more. The Kara member has been a thorn in Team 7's side since he was introduced earlier this year. That is why episode 173 gave Victor hell, and his recent injury has been uncensored for all to see.

You can check out a peek at the moment above. TV Tokyo has released stills from episode 173 in honor of its re-airing. However, instead of blacking out Victor's amputated arm, Boruto is showing the severed limb in all its pale horror.

If you will remember, Boruto was forced to censor the shot in question when it debuted. As for why that was required, well - you only have to look at the time slot Boruto occupies. The show debuts new episodes at prime time, so there are plenty of families watching the sequel together. And since Naruto is a family-friendly franchise for the most part, Victor's injury was made incredibly vague.


The episode did not have to keep the censored moment, however, when it re-aired at a later time. This means fans have gotten a full view of the amputation, and we're still stunned Mugino managed to land the attack on the diabolical Kara scientist.

Are you surprised Boruto had to censor this scene...? Or did you expect it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.