Boruto: Sasuke Replays Old-School Strategy from Zabuza Arc

Boruto Uzumaki is only a genin, but he has been through a lot of drama already. From the day he graduated until now, the Hokage's son has undergone several tough missions befitting ninja twice his age. Sasuke has always been one to encourage Boruto take on these missions, but his latest bit of persuasion left Boruto taking on a familiar strategy.

If you have checked out Boruto chapter 49, the technique made its debut towards the end. Fans watched as Naruto took on Isshiki after the Otsutsuki entered the Hidden Leaf uninvited. The pair fought for a moment before things went south, but Sasuke showed up to save the day.

As it turns out, Sasuke and Boruto whipped up a plan that Naruto introduced years ago. The moment took place during the Zabuza arc, and it was coordinated between Sasuke and Naruto as genin. It took place after the rogue ninja managed to capture Kakashi, and in a desperate bid to save their mentor, the two boys concocted a plan to distract Zabuza just long enough to free Kakashi.

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And what was the plan? It involved Sasuke throwing giant shuriken at Zabuza and missing. The throw was regarded as a mistake by the ninja, but it was a calculated move. Naruto had henge'd into the shuriken earlier, and he returned to normal after passing Zabuza. This let the boy land a surprise hit that interrupted the missing ninja, and Kakashi broke free of his water prison.

Much the same happened here with Sasuke and Boruto. The young boy henge'd into aa sword, and Sasuke threw the weapon at Isshiki. The man could not shrink it, and after Boruto got close enough, he turned back into his human form to suck Isshiki into a portal using karma. The move was a risky one given Isshiki's insane strength, but after having tried the strategy once before, Sasuke felt confident he could pull it off again.


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