New Boruto Promo Refocuses Anime on Kara Arc

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations just gave both Boruto and Sarada of Team 7 some big time power ups, with both learning to master their techniques even more than they already had in the past, and it looks like they're going to need these new techniques sooner rather than later as the anime is previewing a return of the battle against Kara. In their first fight, Team 7 was utterly defeated by the likes of Deepa and Victor, causing a much needed training arc to begin, and rest assured, the members of Kara still have a number of secrets up their sleeves.

In the manga, the plan of the Kara Organization has already gone well underway, with their secrets being laid bare as to the formation of the group and the secrets of many of their rogue ninja members. With Jigen leading the charge against the Hidden Leaf Village and the world at large, the secrets of Kara are definitely worthy of giving the villagers of Konoha pause. Though we are still quite a ways away from seeing these recent events take place in the anime, it's clear that Boruto and the other members of Team 7 are going to have some of the biggest fights of their lives on their hands!

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared the preview for Episode 173 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, showing a return of Victor and the Kara Organization who will clearly be giving Boruto and his friends in Team 7 a rematch unlike anything they've ever faced before:

Boruto has attempted to create his own legacy that stands outside of his father's shadow, having to deal with his dad's status as the Seventh Hokage over a nine tailed fox living within his body. While he hasn't faced the sheer force of the likes of the Akatsuki, the Kara Organization is certainly attempting to carve their names in the annuls of history by assisting in fulfilling the dreams of the Otsutsuki Clan. In the manga, Jigen seems to be moving toward Kara's ultimate goal and it just might spell the end for Boruto's father!

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