Naruto Crowns New Main Villain After That Big Boruto Death

Naruto has explored its fair share of villains over the last decade, and they seem to get gnarlier as time went on. From Mizuki to Madara, the baddies of the series only got more terrifying as the story went on. Of course, Boruto is following this same guide, so the sequel is set to welcome some crazy strong villains before long. And now, the manga has brought its next main antagonist to light.

Of course, this is fairly surprising to fans given who Boruto Uzumaki dealt with most recently. The sequel has been fighting against the organization Kara for some time now, and things went from bad to worse when an Otsutsuki appeared. The villain Isshiki showed up to seek a vessel, and as you may remember, this family provided the anime its final baddie back in the day. Now, Boruto has dealt with Isshiki, and it has a new villain coming up who must compare to the crazed zealot.

Boruto Naruto Karma Activation Anime Debut
(Photo: Pierrot)

It turns out the baddie in question happens to be familiar to us. Code, one of the Inner Kara members, is on a warpath. It turns out the ninja is a failed vessel that managed to retain a Karma mark. Isshiki wasn't able to reincarnate within Code, but he did pass on his will to the boy. Now, Code is determined to see through the mission that Isshiki began, and he has the power to do so thanks to his Karma.

Of course, he will face opposition. Naruto and Sasuke may have been nerfed in a big way, but Boruto can still wield his Karma. Kawaki has promised to help teach his friend how to use it while they find a way to remove the seal, so Boruto best use it while he can. If the group wants to stop Code from turning into an Otsutsuki, they need power on their side, and Boruto's seal gives him such in spades.


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