'Boruto' Just Debuted Its Best & Most Brutal Fight Yet

Warning! Spoilers for Boruto’s 31st episode lie below!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations may be the successor to one of anime’s most famous franchises, but Naruto fans are starting to see the series get its own flavor. The new show just hit the climax of its ‘Hidden Mist’ arc, and if online reactions are anything to go by, then Boruto has solidified itself as a worthy successor.

Just watch Boruto and Mitsuki’s tag-team match against Shizuma. You will understand why the fandom is freaking out then.

Boruto's 31st episode caught up with Boruto Uzumaki as the hero did his best to make Kagura turn his back on Shizuma. The Mizukage’s apprentice refused to listen to Boruto at first, and the Chunin proved he wasn’t going to go easy on Boruto. After all, Kagura did use his newly acquired sword to cleave Boruto in half.

If Naruto’s son had not been using his clone technique, then he would have been sliced down the middle by Kagura more than once. The smoothly animated battle only intensified when Mitsuki showed up to help out his teammate, and the boy came in with a startling confession.

After speaking with Suigetsu, Mitsuki was able to confirm Shizuma was using the new Mist Swordsmen as simple tools; He had been the one assassinating ninjas who resisted the village going to war, and Shizuma was ready to kill Boruto and his friend to keep the secret safe. The following battle not only proved Mitsuki has some killer teamwork with Boruto, but it also showed how cutthroat the rubbery boy is.


In the middle of Mitsuki’s battle with Shizuma, the student slices the Mist rogue right across the jugular. Mitsuki didn’t know he was attacking a Water Clone, so the ninja-in-training was ready to brutally kill an opponent long before he even got a headband to tie him to the Leaf Village.

Boruto may be a simple sequel to some, but the anime is making careful steps to differentiate itself from Naruto. Its leads may look familiar, but they operate very differently from their parents. And, as fans just learned, the gang is also more violent at this age than Naruto or Sasuke were shown to be.

Boruto: Naruto Next GenerationsSunday at on TV Tokyo

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