'Boruto' Animator Teases One Epic Orochimaru Battle

If you have been waiting for Boruto to delve into an epic battle, then your wish is about to be granted. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is about to enter its next arc, and one of its fan-favorite animators is teasing fans about an upcoming fight.

Taking to social media, Cheng Xi Huang caught the attention of fans when he posted some new key art from Boruto. The image, which can be seen below, hypes the anime’s new ‘Mitsuki Gaiden’ storyline. With the anime set to explore the young boy’s past, Huang wanted to whet the audience’s appetite, and he went on to tease an intense battle.

According to Huang, Boruto’s next episode should remind fans of an favorite battle. The animator specifically said the update made him think back to when Sasuke Uchiha battled Killer Bee for the Eight-Tailed Bijuu.

orochimaru mitsuki
(Photo: Cheng Xi Huang)

Of course, fans will remember the fight from Naruto: Shippuden. Sasuke was sent with Team Taka to apprehend Killer Bee as his first gig with the Akatsuki. The last-remaining Uchiha was ready to see the order out, and Sasuke had a huge battle with the demon host. In the end, it looked like Sasuke had won the battle, but fans learned later on that Killer Bee had faked the Uchiha out with a substitution jutsu.

If Huang says Boruto’s next episode reminds him of that conflict, then fans know they should be excited. The animation supervisor for the episode is the same who did Sasuke vs Danzou, and its core staff is nothing to laugh at. Orochimaru and Mitsuki are bound to get involved in a big battle in just a few hours, and fans are ready to see the older Sannin let loose in front of his mysterious son.


If you are familiar with Naruto, then you may already know about Mitsuki’s background. Kishimoto laid out the story in Naruto Gaiden: The Road Illuminated by the Full Moon. The one-shot introduces Mitsuki as the child awakes under Orochimaru’s care. Having lost his memories, the synthetically created ninja is tasked with finding a man named Log as he stole Mitsuki’s memories. The story winds up pitting Mitsuki up against a tough decision as he must decide to either follow Log, Orochimaru, or forge his own destiny. In the end, Mitsuki chooses the latter and escapes to the Leaf Village. However, the boy left not knowing his ultimate decision was what Orochimaru had actually been hoping for.

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