'Boruto' Teases One Surprising Love Triangle

Naruto kept fans hanging over its romance for years, but it seems the series’ sequel is not being as stingy. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has just hinted at its one rather surprising love triangle, and it is less than twenty chapters in.

Shueisha released the 19th chapter of Boruto last week, and the publication caught some readers by surprise. The issue followed Team 7 after Naruto ordered his son’s squad to check up on Konohamaru. The gang prepared to set off with Katasuke by their side, but Sarada got held back when Sumire approached her.

“Somehow, Akita seems to have taken a liking to Boruto,” Sumire says, looking towards the boy and her jounin mentor.

“Who knows. Boruto seems to quickly become friends with just about anyone,” Sarada explains. “That’s all there is to it, I think.”

“I wonder if Boruto is popular amongst women,” Sumire says before Sarada shoots down the idea.

“Are you interested in him, Sarada,” Sumire asks before dropping a bombshell of her own. “Hmm. I see. Well, I’m interested in him!”

Sumire’s confession leaves Sarada looking surprised, and it doesn’t help that Sumire winks afterwards. Sarada is given zero time to process her class representative’s crush before she is forced to head on her mission, but the Uchiha does give Sumire a few quick glances as she runs towards her team.

For readers, Sumire’s sudden confession is not unexpected, but no one expected her to tell Sarada about her crush. Sumire was saved by Boruto when the class representative felt obligated to carry out her father’s ill-will towards the Leaf Village. Naruto’s son reached out to Sumire with his own Talk no Jutsu, and it seems the encounter has turned into a crush.


Boruto may be a shonen title, but it is not afraid to touch upon romance. In the past, the sequel has hinted as Sarada and Naruto’s coupling, but the Uchiha seems adverse to such a romance. The girl is focused on become Hokage, but that could change. As the teammates get older, love between the two could flourish, and Sumire may be the one who gets in its way.

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