'Boruto' Shares Details About The Mitsuki Gaiden Arc

Boruto is poised to wrap its ‘Graduation’ arc shortly, but the anime isn’t going to play its future by ear. Recently, news broke that the show would be adapting Mitsuki’s background into a saga, and new details about the event have been brought to fans.

Recently, a slew of character designs for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations went like in Weekly Shonen Jump. The issue broke down its designs of a younger Mitsuki and Orochimaru as well as a strange ninja named Log. The spread also held teasers about the gaiden arc, and translators were quick to spread the hints with fans.

According to the page, the origins arc will be taken from a pre-existing novel. Naruto Gaiden: The Road Illuminated by the Full Moon will have its content adapted for anime after being thought up by Masashi Kishimoto years ago. The creator developed the book to explain Mitsuki’s past after the intriguing boy caught the attention of fans, and its main characters will also feature in Boruto.

The magazine also included blurbs about each of its main characters. You can read its notes about Mitsuki, Orochimaru, and Log below:

“Mitsuki during his childhood years!! His innocent looks are even more impressive than as he is now. In this current condition, he has lost his memories. How will he be mobilizing when he awakes? I want to know…about my past?”

“His unusual mission uniform!! Together with Mitsuki, they go to take down Log. This will also confirm the connection between Mitsuki and Orochimaru!”

“An enigmatic armored ninja!! A mysterious ninja clad in armour. It seems as though Log has snatched away Mitsuki’s memories, according to Orochimaru…!?"


If you are familiar with Naruto, then you may already know about Mitsuki’s background. Kishimoto laid out the story in Naruto Gaiden: The Road Illuminated by the Full Moon. The one-shot introduces Mitsuki as the child awakes under Orochimaru’s care. Having lost his memories, the synthetically created ninja is tasked with finding a man named Log as he stole Mitsuki’s memories. The story winds up pitting Mitsuki up against a tough decision as he must decide to either follow Log, Orochimaru, or forge his own destiny. In the end, Mitsuki chooses the latter and escapes to the Leaf Village. However, the boy left not knowing his ultimate decision was what Orochimaru had actually been hoping for.

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