'Boruto' Just Shared A Touching Obito Throwback

Over the years, Naruto fans have seen their relationship with Obito Uchiha go in all kinds of directions. When the character was introduced, he was a pitiable ninja who gave his life to save Kakashi. By the time the series ended, fans learned more about Obito than they ever expected or even hoped.

However, it doesn’t look like Kakashi’s connection with Obito has wavered. After all, the ninja just showed how much he respects his teammate in the latest episode of Boruto.

Earlier today, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations shared its 37th episode, and it followed Kakashi as he proctored yet another Bell Test. The Sixth Hokage was responsible for learning whether Boruto and his classmates were ready to graduate from the Academy. So, when Kakashi had his big showdown with the gang, the ninja dropped a very familiar speech on them.

“There are many rules and laws in the real world. Those who break the rules are called scum,” Kakashi told the students after handedly beating them. “But if you don’t value your comrades, you’re worse than scum.”

Of course, the lesson Kakashi brought up is not a strange one to Naruto fans. They heard the teaching several times throughout the series. When Kakashi first tested Team 7, his Bell Test was used to evaluate whether Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura would put each others' welfare before rules. Kakashi continued to preach the lesson, but the grey-haired ninja first learned the spiel from Obito.

When Kakashi found himself on an awry mission with Obito during their childhoods, the latter dropped a bomb on Kakashi about true teamwork. Rin had been taken by enemy ninjas, and Obito said he would go rescue her despite the rules standing in their way.

“Sure, in the world of ninja, those who break the rules and regulations are regarded as scum,” Obito told Kakashi. “But those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum!”


Kakashi triumphed that lesson for much of his life, and it doesn’t look like Obito and his secret plans swayed him. Naruto confirmed the Uchiha didn’t actually die saving Kakashi and was warped into Madara Uchiha’s pawn. Obito may have been led astray, but the Uchiha did remember his lesson in enough time to make things right for the ninja world. Even with all their baggage, Kakashi knows Obito was right about the lesson he shared so long ago. And, now, the newest generation of Leaf ninja can share in Obito’s wisdom.

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