'Boruto' Just Shared One of Orochimaru’s Best Fights Yet

Over the years, Naruto has put out some truly memorable fights. The ninjas of the Hidden Leaf know how to battle in style, but Orochimaru got less time on-air to show off his moves. So, it is nice to see Boruto making it up to the snake-loving Sannin.

Earlier today, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations released its latest episode, and the update saw Orochimaru enter one of his best fights yet. The new episode began with Mitsuki as a young boy learning some hard facts. The character was told he had lost all his memories before Orochimaru confirmed he was Mitsuki’s dad, and that was just the start.

After some intense training, Orochimaru and Mitsuki went out to recover the latter’s memories, but they were held up by a strange ninja named Log. Orochimaru volunteered to fight the ninja, and his ensuing battle proved to be one of his greatest to date.

The fight may not have been as flashy as Orochimaru’s bout with the Third Hokage, but it was intricate. The rogue Sannin showed off his rarely seen kenjutsu stills as he took on Log sword-to-sword. The action sequence featured complicated choreography, and its fluid animation showed how powerful Orochimaru’s strikes are. And, when Log thought he got the best of the man, the Snake Sannin proved his jutsu skills are just as underhanded as his motives.


When it comes to Orochimaru, this new fight joins his list of best fights with ease. The character was one of Naruto’s major villains, but he did much less fighting than others like Pain or Obito. The Snake Sannin let loose in the Forest of Death and against the Third Hokage, but Naruto: Shippuden saw less of Orochimaru. When the ninja fought Naruto’s Kyuubi form, fans knew they had found their favorite fight of the villain’s but Boruto has now added another spat as a contender.

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