New Boruto Promo Makes Reference to Jiraiya's Final Moments

It has been a long time coming, but Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is ready to get on with its Kara arc. The big story will kick off this weekend as the anime shows off episode 157 to the world. It promises to initiate the Kara arc with some help from Sasuke, and the episode's promo has got Naruto fans feeling real emotional thanks to one reference about Jiraiya.

Recently, Boruto put out an episode promo for its upcoming release, and it was there fans got a look at "Kara Footprints". The episode will follow Sai and Sasuke on a mission after hearing whispers of a mysterious organization known as Kara. Their travel will take them to Amegakure, and the promo showcases some locations in the hidden village that fans will recognize.

After all, Jiraiya was killed in this very city. The legendary ninja was struck down by Pain in Amegakure while trying to suss out intelligence about the Akatsuki leader. Now, the series is ready to revisit the rainy village, and the promo for episode 157 shows off areas in the city where Jiraiya explored during his last mission.

The eerie return to Amegakure bodes poorly for the Hidden Leaf given the city's dreary reputation. Following the death of Jiraiya, the city has been shrouded with ominous energy, and that has lasted well beyond the end of the Akatsuki. Sasuke and Sai better have their guard up when they enter the city... and for good reason. After all, the two have been tipped off about a new organization of villains, and they have no way of knowing how dangerous Kara really is yet.


And the organization really is that dangerous. Naruto and Sasuke have already been tipped off about Kara's connection to the mark on Boruto's hand. It is beyond important for the Hidden Leaf to get better intelligence on the group, but that will surely be harder to do than it sounds.

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