BigHit Entertainment CEO Reveals BTS's Goals For 2018

When it comes to k-pop, there are no groups bigger than BTS at the moment. The popular idol group saw its fame rocket in the last month after BTS performed at the American Music Awards. Now, the CEO of the band’s company is speaking about their success, and Bang Shihyuk has lots to say.

Namely, the famed producer has plenty to say when it comes to BTS’s 2018 goals.

Recently, Bloomberg had a chance to speak with Bang about BigHit Entertainment’s successes. Sohee Kim tweeted out a link to her lengthy interview, and it was there the reporter shared some extra information from her chat. Kim wrote out Bang’s wish list for BTS in 2018, and the CEO has some big dreams.

“Bang's wish list for 2018: performing at Billboard Music Awards, winning an award at AMAs, having a worldwide stadium tour,” she wrote. “I’m sure it will happen.”

Looking at the list, fans are not deterred by Bang’s massive goals. After all, BTS does have a large fanbase, and Army is willing to go the distance to make the group’s dreams come true. This year, those fans made BTS the most tweeted about topic on Twitter in 2017, and the U.S. market is not sleeping on such a biggest accomplishment.

If Bang wants BTS to perform at the Billboard Music Awards, the band just needs to come out with some more killer songs. The band already performed for ABC on the AMAs and will do so against with this year’s Rockin’ New Years Even special. As for the AMAs, an award is not out of the questions. After all, the group did win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year.


A stadium tour will be the biggest stretch for BigHit Entertainment to plan. BTS has a busy schedule, and the company tries to let its idols rest as much as possible. Discounting the cost of a world stadium tour, the logistics of planning one would be a massive undertaking for BigHit. However, fans do agree the goal isn’t totally absurd. If anyone is going to find a way to do such a tour, it is Bang. So, fans should keep their fingers crossed for now.

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