BTS's 'DNA' Music Video Hits New Youtube Milestone

It looks like Youtube views are just in the DNA of BTS. The hugely popular k-pop group has just hit another milestone with their viral single. After all, BTS did just break a record now that “DNA” has hit 200 million views online.

If you head over to Youtube, you will see that BTS has more than 200 million views on its music video for “DNA”. The track was able to accumulate such a massive audience in three months. The achievement has made BTS break another record as their video reached the 200 million threshold in the shortest amount of time of any k-pop group. In the past, BLACKPINK held the record with their video for “As If It’s Your Last”.

The major accomplishment is one BTS fans are rallying about, but the band still has a way to go before they can take over their next record. For k-pop as a whole, Psy is the one who holds the music video record for hitting 200 million views the quickest. The goal was set a couple years back when Psy released “Gentlemen” as it garnered the staggering views in just nine days.

“DNA” isn’t the first track for BTS to reach the 200 million view mark. The group’s single “Blood Sweat & Tears” has over 226 million views while “Dope” has 243 million. “Fire” also exploded on Youtube and has nearly 250 million views as of today. Other videos like “Not Today” and “Boy In Luv” are approaching the milestone number as they have about 170 million views each.

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