Watch: BTS Fights Over the World’s Greatest Anime

When you are as busy as BTS, it is important you find time to wind down. These days, the Korean boy group stands as one of the world’s biggest music acts, and their ongoing world tour has a packed schedule. So, if you’re part of the group, how do you relax? Well, watching anime is one way, and the boys of BTS just went to war over their favorite series.

Recently, the band sat down for an interview with Vice UK, and it was there BTS took part in the Noisey Questionnaire. The seven-member group were asked a slew of questions, but anime was the reel’s hot topic as all the boys began arguing over which series is the best.

To start, the group was asked to signal the best between Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece. It was then the room got hectic as each member shouted out their favorite.

For the record, everyone seems to be a fan of Dragon Ball and Naruto. One Piece gets a shout out from RM directly while Jin echoes the sentiment. However, the eldest member is quick to praise Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z is a masterpiece, you know,” Jin says. And, well, he isn't wrong.

In the corner, J-Hope can be seen trying to do some jutsu from Naruto, and Jimin breaks the chaos by admitting he loves all of the series.

Not long after, the group is asked to pick between Pokemon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Again, the boys geek out over the question, and it is Suga who gets invested this time around. The rapper joins Jungkook as they argue for Pikachu's pride, but RM and V can’t let Digimon go. Jin also passionately fights for his Pokemon love, and later on, the group gives Dragonite a shout out with RM even acting like the special Pokemon.

Finally, BTS is asked their thoughts on some of anime’s top sports series. The group is asked to pick between Slam Dunk, Free, and Parasyte. RM is quick to share his support for the latter, and Jimin airs his support for Free by swimming as sweetly as Haru. However, the rest of the group is quick to praise Slam Dunk as Suga adamantly repeats the series’ name to show his loyalty.


Of course, fans of BTS will not be surprised by the enthusiasm its members are showing over anime. The group has never shied away from its otaku interests, and RM even name-dropped Digimon during a recent interview during the Love Yourself world tour. So, if Japan wants to team up with Big Hit Entertainment to give BTS their own anime, the members (and fans) would likely not be disappointed.

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