BTS and Maroon 5 May Be Teasing an Upcoming Collaboration

If 2017 was a good year for BTS, then 2018 might just blow the lid of the group’s popularity. [...]

If 2017 was a good year for BTS, then 2018 might just blow the lid of the group's popularity. Last year, BTS hit it big in the U.S. once their track "MIC Drop" was remixed by Steve Aoki and Desiigner. Now, fans have reason to believe Maroon 5 will be the k-pop group's next collab partner.

Over on Twitter, Maroon 5 got the Internet buzzing when their official page responded to a fan's tweet regarding BTS. After being asked to collaborate with BTS, Maroon 5 sent a cheeky answer of a smiley face. The response made fans freak out since Maroon 5 followed BTS on Twitter last month, and the social media hook-up had fans curious even then.

Of course, fans needed to learn more about the vague answer, and Maroon 5 kept on teasing them. When the BTS fandom begged for answers, the American band simply replied with a GIF of Elmo shrugging. Maroon 5 even went so far as to say they were "not sure [fans] can handle" the answer about the collaboration.

Hopefully, the two groups are about to put their music with their tweets are. Fans are already gunning for the much-wanted collaboration.

Fans of BTS are now looking back to the k-pop group's recent interviews for any hints of a collab. Back in December, one of the band's rappers did hint an unexpected mash-up was in its very beginning stages.

"Collabs are always open," Suga said at a press conference in South Korea. "I think that a collaboration between artists that support each other well and have good chemistry is a good idea."

"A new collaboration is pending, but it is still in consultation stages. I wish everyone will look forward to it. This will probably be a very unexpected collab. I hope everyone looks forward to it and gives it lots of attention."

For now, fans can only wait and see what happens with their BTS x Maroon 5 hopes. Just recently, the k-pop group's leader RM dropped a surprise collaboration with Fall Out Boy, so the band has some experience working with ensembles. Hopefully, Maroon 5 will only add to that experience.

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