The Ellen DeGeneres Show Shares First Full Clip Of BTS’s Interview

In less than a day, BTS will make a digital return to the US when the group’s long-awaited [...]

In less than a day, BTS will make a digital return to the US when the group's long-awaited interview with Ellen DeGeneres goes live. The daytime talkshow host had a chance to speak with the K-pop sensations during their recent visit to America, and EllenTube has now released a first-look at the boys on the show.

Earlier today, The Ellen DeGeneres Show shared a teaser for BTS's appearance, but a full interview clip of the band has been released. The clip, which can be seen here, was posted by EllenTube and shows BTS introduce themselves before answering a few questions.

Of course, some of the boys have a hard time getting their answers out at first as they take time to greet their fans. The band's fanbase came out in droves to support their taping, and Army put smiles on each of the members faces.

As the clip goes on, fans can watch as Ellen speaks directly to RM about his English skills. The rapper famously learned how to speak English on his own by watching the sitcom Friends, and RM explained to the talkshow host how he picked up the language from the show's DVDs.

Ellen also took a moment to ask about the group's songs, and she had a translator question BTS how important it is for them to talk about social issues in their music. Suga said he feels music can transcend any language so long as it talks about real things which everyone experiences, and the crowd's loud cheer at the explanation shows the rapper is right.

However, the highlight of the interview comes when Ellen asks the boys if they have ever hooked up with a fan before. RM is seen laughing the question before showing love to his fans, but Ellen reiterates the question with a laugh. Once the translator asks BTS the real question, the band all laughs before V gives an answer most fans saw coming.

"No," the singer explained after RM gave him a bit of encouragement.

The segment ended with Ellen giving BTS a ton of Friends swag as the sitcom filmed on the same lot at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. There will surely be more content for fans to watch on the show when it airs in full tomorrow, so Army will be sure to tune in for the band's historic performance.

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