Manga Creator Tite Kubo Returns to Twitter with Cute Burn the Witch Video

Tite Kubo is considered a treasure by many, and you only have to look at his body of work to see why. The artist is best know for creating Bleach, and he made a recent comeback this year after hopping out of retirement. Kubo saw his new series Burn the Witch debut this year, and the series' growing popularity prompted the artist to make a small return to social media.

As you can see down below, Kubo posted a thread recently documenting his travels around Tokyo. The artist documented some of the many Burn the Witch promos plastered around the city. From subway signs to storefront billboards, Kubo took in all of the love, but the real treat came when he found a gacha machine.

After all, gacha is hugely popular in Japan, and the machines make a killing thanks to their varied stock. Kubo happened to stumble across a vending area featuring Burn the Witch. It was there Kubo filmed himself buying a gacha figure, but he has some serious trouble opening the boy. After all, the containers are pretty hard to open, so we can relate to Kubo with his struggle.

Fans have been quick to share the video as it is rare to see Kubo post a video of himself. The manga creator is not the most aloof out there, but he keeps his personal life to himself. Clearly, there is something about Burn the Witch that has him fired up, and we wish him the best. After all, Kubo has confirmed there is more manga to come for the supernatural shonen, and fans are excited to see what is next for Ninny!

Are you happy to see Kubo back at work? What sort of project should the artist look into after Burn the Witch? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.