Call of Duty Sparks Plagarism Debate Over Goblin Slayer Scene

They say mimicry is the best form of flattery, but that isn't always the case. When it comes to entertainment, the thought of plagiarism rubs fans and creators the wrong way. Sadly, a number of franchises have stumbled into the red zone when it comes to plagiarizing content, and a debate has formed online over a Call of Duty misstep.

The whole thing went live when Twitter user HUSK3GAM3R hit up the fandom with a post. It was there the Call of Duty fan noticed the artwork of a Modern Warfare bundle looked suspiciously familiar. And after doing a bit of digging, they realized the art came straight from the popular anime Goblin Slayer.

"With all the controversy surrounding Activision Blizzard, and it seems like they went and copied a frame from the opening of Goblin Slayer to promote a new anime pack in Cold War. Like almost a one-for-one copy. What the hell Activision Blizzard," the post reads.

Netizens were quick to compare the two images by overlaying them, and the evidence is pretty gnarly. The black-and-white still win the Notice Me bundle is an exact match for that found in the opening of Goblin Slayer. As far as fans know, no agreement was made to license this shot out, but there is no way of knowing unless an official response is giving by Activision Blizzard.

Of course, the gaming company has other stuff to worry about these days. If you did not know, the embattled company is facing a damning lawsuit in California. The legal challenge accuses the Call of Duty developer of promoting a "pervasive frat boy" culture in which women are paid less and subjected to unaddressed harassment. The lawsuit, which was recently expanded, has prompted global boycotts against Activision Blizzard to date. And now, this little blip has got anime fans steaming in their own little way.


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