Captain Marvel Meets Evangelion in Clever Anime Opening

Captain Marvel anime opening from r/marvelstudios

When it comes to theme songs, few industries do them better than anime. The medium has swept the globe since its major push outside of Japan in the '90s. Now, anime has become a growing piece of pop culture in the West, so it was only a matter of time before it met a special heroine. After all, Captain Marvel just got its own anime trailer, and it does Carol Danvers plenty of justice.

As you can see above, the video was posted on Reddit by the user AndyMaximoff. The clip reels in anime lovers with a familiar song, and its edits are pulled right from the '90s era of anime.

The opening begins with some building music while interstellar shots are intermingled with one another. Before long, Carol is shown taking in a blast of energy which gave her superpowers to start. It is then the film's logo pops up, and this edit gives Captain Marvel a Japanese redo.

As the clip carries on, Carol is introduced with some dramatic crossfade shots. Some scenic background shots sit up the entire mystery of Carol's past, but things pick up speed before long.

The opening begins to flip through shots at a rapid pace, and the music playing will give fans some serious nostalgia. After all, Ghost Animator Studios used the iconic theme "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" from Neon Genesis Evangelion. In fact, much of this edit pulls inspiration from the beloved anime. The only thing Carol needs is her own mech to fly and then she'd fit in well with Shinji and the gang.

While this clip imagines Carol's live-action romp into anime, the heroine has an interesting past with the medium. Overseas, several Japan-only Marvel series have debuted for anime fans. In one of them, Captain Marvel is introduced, and Carol became a quick favorite amongst friends. So if you ever want to see the heroine go full otaku, you can check out Marvel's Future Avengers!

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