How Castlevania Uses The Game Of Thrones Method Of Storytelling

Castlevania Season Three has just landed on Netflix, introducing a world that is free from Dracula, and the story telling structure seems familiar to one of HBO's biggest live action drama series to date in Game of Thrones! While the two series manage to merge the supernatural with medieval characters and environments, Castlevania focuses far more on blood sucking vampires rather than age old zombies that traverse the wintery north that are looking to overtake the world of the living. With the third season of Trevor Belmont and company, there is a definite connection to be seen with the story structures for both franchises.

Warning! If you haven't seen all of Castlevania Season Three yet, be forewarned as we'll be diving into some light spoiler territory in the remainder of this article!

With Dracula no longer threatening humanity, our favorite trio, along with a number of other characters who lean far more into the "antagonistic" category, are split down the middle, encountering adventures unique to their stories. Trevor and Sypha in fact never meet Alucard again during the third season, as their stories diverge from one another, focusing on different threats presenting themselves. Game of Thrones had a similar structure, with the first season showing the Stark Family split to the winds thanks to a power struggle in the fictional land of King's Landing.

With both the majority of Game of Thrones and this season of Castlevania, the main characters are on adventures all their own, with the major threats in the background still working their way to the surface. Carmilla and her sisters, along with Hector's demon army, are all percolating to the surface, and it's not even a guarantee that they'll all come to fruition in Season Four.


The two series however focus more on impressive character interaction and witty banter to have audiences care that much more during the major conflicts of their series, along with the big action set pieces which would normally take place at the tail end of their individual seasons. While each series is completely unique unto themselves, it's interesting to see how their story telling methods can sometimes intertwine with one another with how the players move throughout their worlds.

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