Castlevania Cosplay Whips Out An Amazing Take On Trevor Belmont

Trevor Belmont has a whole new set of problems to deal with in the third season of Castlevania, and the vampire hunter is being celebrated by one fan who has presented a drop dead perfect interpretation of the vampire hunter. The Belmont clan has long been the biggest line of protagonists in the Castlevania franchise, pitting their skills against the lord of the undead with their traditional whips in hand! As Season Three sees Trevor and Sypha travelling to a mysterious new town, the Castlevania series has given him plenty of opportunities to show off his skills!

Trevor Belmont is a hard drinking, heavy cursing vampire slayer who was originally presented in Castlevania 3, meeting the magician of Sypha and the son of Dracula, Alucard, on his quest to save humanity from the vampire king and his armies that were summoned straight from hell! Without going into spoiler territory, season three gives Trevor the opportunity to brandish his whip once again, even giving him a fairly significant power up as he attempts to navigate a world where Dracula is in the grave and demons are vying for control.

Twitter User Cosplay_Taryn shared this amazing cosplay that brings Trevor Belmont into the real world, whip and all, in celebration of the arrival of the third season of Castlevania on Netflix which expands the world fit to bursting with vampires, demons, and other creatures of the night:

The franchise began with Simon Belmont, who is in fact the son of both Trevor and Sypha, eventually continuing their quest to rid the world of evil and the supernatural with both the clan's whip and perchant to wield holy relics on his journey. Throughout the years, the games have focused not just on the Belmont Clan, but other vampire hunters, giving plenty of other protagonists the opportunity to shine in adventures that are all their own. Whether the series follows the bloodline after Trevor is yet to be seen, though we'd certainly miss the current vampire hunter if so!

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