'Castlevania' Season One Blu-ray, DVD Available Now

Castlevania is one of Netflix's top original series, and it seems the anime is out to make new fans. After all, the show is finally available on Blu-ray and DVD after a couple years of waiting.

If you head over to Amazon, you can find both the Blu-ray and DVD for sale on Castlevania. The former will run fans about $20 USD while the DVD costs a just over $16.

So far, only the first season of Castlevania is available on home video, but fans hope the second season will be converted as well. After all, Netflix did bring out the new season this fall, and it was met with rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

As for the future of Castlevania, things are looking real good for the original series. Not only did the show's recent season wow audiences, but Netflix has already ordered a third season from showrunner Adi Shankar. Taking to Twitter, the producer thanked fans for supporting the series, and it was there Shankar teased his big goals for season three.

"You saw what we can do with Season 2, you've called us the greatest video game adaptation of all time. Mark my words —- With Season 3 we're going after that EMMY," the producer promised.

"We have artists from all over the world who love working on this show. Who work around the clock to fuse their passion into each and every frame," he continued before adding: "They do this because they u know that video games aren't just for kids. Cartoons aren't just for children. It's an art form of immense sophistication. We are here to stake that claim."

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If you're not familiar with Netflix's take on Castlevania, then you can check out the show's first season on Netflix as well. The series first premiered to both critical and commercial success, eventually confirming the release of a second season due to its quick popularity. The anime series is based on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse from 1989, and the game itself is based in 1476 and follows as a hunter known as Trevor Belmont as he tries to take down Dracula. You can check out the series' official synopsis below:


"Inspired by the classic video game series, Castlevania is a dark medieval fantasy following the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, trying to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hand of Vlad Dracula Tepe himself. The animated series is from Frederator Studios, a Wow! Unlimited Media company, written by best-selling author and comic book icon Warren Ellis and executive produced by Warren Ellis, Kevin Kolde, Fred Seibert and Adi Shankar."

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