Castlevania Writer Addresses Season 4 Pleas

It has been a long time coming, but Castlevania is ready to spring its big comeback. The anime went live with its third season last year, and all eyes have been on season three since. This week, Netflix will finally put out the episodes fans have been clamoring for, and Castlevania's writer hit social media recently to address those making pleas for season four.

Over on Twitter, Warren Ellis sent out a cheeky message addressing those desperate for more of the show. Netizens started campaigning for a fourth season not long after the premiere of season three was announced. And as it turns out, Ellis is ready to pull hair out over the requests.

"CASTLEVANIA Season 3 goes live Thursday, only on Netflix. Extra special thanks to all the people who have been tweeting "it's been 84 years" at me since 2018 who are now tweeting 'but what about Season 4'," the write said.

Continuing, the writer said there are even people asking him about a fifth season, and Ellis feels he might go crazy over those requests.

"Now people are asking about Season FIVE in what I can only assume is an attempt to destroy my mind," he said.


Of course, Ellis has a point with all of these cart-before-horse pleas, but they do show how totally dedicated the fandom is. Netflix has invested a lot in anime over the years, and its original series proves that with ease. Castlevania stands as one of the service's top-rated titles over all, so audiences are keeping fingers crossed Ellis will have to field questions about season six and seven too.

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