Castlevania Season Three Makes References To The Franchise's Weirdest Game

Castlevania season three has finally arrived and with the new season comes one of the strangest references to the video game series that we've ever seen! Obviously, the story of Trevor Belmont and his vampire hunter buddies in the forms of Sypha and Alucard is steeping in the lore of the video game franchise, with the story loosely based on the Nintendo Entertainment System game of Castlevania 3. This season however decides to take things one step further and references one of the strangest games in the long running horror action franchise!

Warning! If you haven't watched Castlevania Season Three as of yet, we will be diving into some slight spoilers for a later episode, so keep that in mind before continuing the article!

Saint Germain was a character from the games, presented originally in the video game Castlevania: Curse of Darkness which starred the character of Hector attempting to stop the fiendish plans of fellow "Devil Forger" Isaac. Said game isn't the one that we are discussing here, as Germain has a wild nightmare wherein he enters the "Infinite Corridor". During this trippy excursion, Germain comes across strange visions from the future and the past, viewing giant mechanical beasts as well as an aboriginal character beckoning him.

At one point, Germain sees a lost love that is clearly extremely important to him, and where the shadowy figure is encountered is the landscape of the game of Castlevania Judgement. What is Castlevania Judgement? It's the only fighting game in the long running franchise, released for the Nintendo Wii, plucking various heroes and villains from the series throughout the timeline and pitting them against one another. A villainous character named Galamoth, who acts as a rival to Dracula, attempts to exact revenge on the vampire king by plucking heroes and villains from time and having them all battle one another.

The landscape where Germain sees his lady love is one of moving gears and clocks, plucked directly from Castlevania Judgement, proving that the timeline may very well reach a point where we will be witness to time displaced characters battling one another. While we don't know how long the Netflix series will continue or if we'll always be following the adventures of Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard, it's fantastic to see that the anime is more than willing to dive into the long running lore of the franchise.


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