Chainsaw Man Writer Discusses Why Denji Is Unlike Any Other Anime Protagonist

It has been a long time coming, but Chainsaw Man will make its TV debut before much longer. The much-anticipated series is expected to drop this fall, and the team at MAPPA Studio are overseeing it with extreme care. Screenwriter Hiroshi Seko is part of that gang as they've been tasked with penning the script for Chainsaw Man, and they told ComicBook recently why Denji is unlike any other shonen lead they've worked on before. 

Hiroshi Seko took the time to speak with ComicBook about Chainsaw Man during his recent appearance at Anime Expo. It was there the screenwriter talked about the unique nature of Denji's character arc and how it made him a very different shonen hero.

"What attracted me was Denji's character and his personality or the reason why he is fighting is very different from your usual hero or protagonist you see in these titles," he shared. "Usually these heroes are fighting for something that they want to protect or there's clearly a bad guy and they're fighting them. It's not anything where they are very true to their inner needs. Denji is fighting to make end's meet. He's fighting to eat food and meet women. That's like the driving force behind his character and you don't see that that often."

If you are familiar with Chainsaw Man, you will know how true Seko's words are. From the moment Denji meets fans, readers know the man has lived a hard life. Not only is the world of Chainsaw Man bleak and filled with tension, but Denji grew up on its roughest ground. Born into poverty, Denji has no choice but to fight for survival. When you have nothing, the only things you can imagine having are the necessities, and Seko identified the things Denji needs most in his life. And as we know, his love of women takes Denji down a dark path when Makima is introduced.

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It won't be long before fans get to see Denji come to life on screen, and Seko has a clear idea of how to navigate the protagonist's basic needs. The rest of the team at MAPPA has made it clear they love Chainsaw Man as much as the fans, so the pressure is on to perform. So if you haven't caught up with Gege Akutami's series already, you will want to hop on the story before its anime makes its big debut. 

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