Chainsaw Man Studio Shares How Involved the Series Creator Is

When news broke Chainsaw Man was getting an anime, the series became one of the most anticipated drops on the industry's calendar. Now, there are just months separating fans from the series, and all eyes are on Denji in the meantime. After all, MAPPA is working hard on Chainsaw Man, but its team is not working alone. According to the crew, series creator Tatsuki Fujimoto is helping the series along, and he's doing more than you might think. 

The update comes from one of the anime's producers Makoto Kimura. The artist was one of several from MAPPA Studio who appeared at Anime Expo to discuss Chainsaw Man with fans. It was there the producer said Fujimoto is definitely involved in the anime, and they are overseeing just about every part of it.

According to Kimura, Fujimoto has been keeping up with anime since it was in development at MAPPA. The studio has kept in close contact with the creator all throughout development and into production. And for Kimura, the producer says it was important to him to keep Fujimoto onboard as a way to ensure his vision for Chainsaw Man was done justice on screen.

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As you can imagine, fans are happy to hear Chainsaw Man will keep Fujimoto nearby for advice. There is no one in this world who knows Denji like the artist, and MAPPA has that expertise at its fingertips. It is hard to imagine the show taking any missteps if Fujimoto is around to keep the show on track. And given the studio's track record, MAPPA has a surefire hit on its hands.

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