Chainsaw Man Reveals Denji's Goriest Battle Yet

Chainsaw Man has just launched a new episode in its premiere anime season, and with it has brought about Denji's most brutal and violent fight yet! Denji's been involved in quite a few scrapes in the series to this point as he continues to tap more into his various abilities as the Chainsaw Man, but he and the other Special Division 4 members found themselves trapped within the Eternity Devil's mysterious power on their first real mission together. When we had last seen them in action, it was clear that Denji would be the only one who had a chance of putting the devil down.

The newest episode of the series picked up right after that cliffhanger that saw Denji plunging into the maw of the Eternity Devil as he realized that the only way any of them would make it out of this is if he somehow was able to cut through the devil with his chainsaws. We get to see that in action with Episode 7 of the series as Denji tears his way through the Eternity Devil with a bloody battle that lasts three days within the hotel trap they were stuck in. 

How to Watch Denji's Bloody Battles

Episode 7 of Chainsaw Man picks up right when Denji flies into the Eternity Devil's mouth, and he struggles at first to deal any kind of real damage as the devil's continuously evolving and growing body was able to fight back each and every one of Denji's violent efforts. He's even defeated for a bit and loses a ton of blood, but soon Denji discovers that he could heal himself and even get a little stronger the more he ate the devil's blood. As he states, it becomes more of an infinite loop as the two devils' powers fuel one another. 

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After the opening credits, it's revealed that Denji continued to cut through the Eternity Devil for three straight days without stopping. It gets to such a point that the devil actually gives up and feels so much pain that it begs Denji to cut through its core and end the fight. Denji's reluctant to do so at first as he doesn't want to the fight to end, but ultimately decides to cut through the core and free them all from this long lasting trap. 

What did you think of Denji's fight against the Eternity Devil? Are you excited to see more of his fights now that he understands his Chainsaw Man powers? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!