Chainsaw Man Just Censored The Series Most Disgusting Moment

Chainsaw Man has spent the majority of its first season following Denji the Chainsaw Devil as he carves his way through countless devils in a bid to make his mundane dreams come true. With the previous installment seeing Denji and his allies fighting against the Infinity Devil, the recent episode sees the Shonen protagonist fulfilling another of his dreams, albeit in a way that was so disgusting that MAPPA has censored the moment in question. 

Continuing from the previous installment, Chainsaw Man's latest sees Denji being "sacrificed" by his fellow Devil Hunters in an effort to free themselves from the Infinity Devil, a supernatural force that absorbed a piece of the Gun Devil and locked them all in a hotel. Unable to leave the establishment, the terrifying creature gives the hunters a proposition in which it will let them go free if they feed him the Chainsaw Devil. Realizing that he has no other option, Denji takes the opportunity to dive headfirst into the Infinity Devil's mouth, cutting through the antagonist's many faces and eventually taking it down

Chainsaw Kiss

During their first adventure together, the devil hunter Himeno promised Denji that should they escape with their lives, she would give the Chainsaw Devil his first kiss, but unfortunately for the Shonen protagonist, the eye-patch-wearing femme fatale had drunk a little too much during their celebration:

Himeno "unloading" on Denji is certainly one of the most disgusting moments in the series so far and remains so throughout the Shonen franchise to date. While the manga gave fans a first-hand look at Denji's disgusting first kiss, the anime adaptation from Studio MAPPA took it upon themselves to blur the projectile. While this was clearly not how Denji expected his first kiss to go down, the episode came to a close with the two devil hunters falling asleep next to one another, as Himeno offered the Chainsaw Devil another of his dreams that he was looking to fulfill.

What did you think of this censored moment? Did it shock you to see the blurred moment following Denji cutting his way through devils in a bloody fashion over the series' first seven episodes? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Chainsaw Devil.