Chainsaw Man Producer Hopes Studio Can Adapt Part 2

It turns out that the studio behind the upcoming Chainsaw Man anime is already looking ahead to Part 2 of the series according to one of the producers behind the adaptation! As the most highly anticipated new anime release of the year, fans all over have been eager to see how the studio behind Attack on Titan: Final Season and Jujutsu Kaisen would be handling Tatsuki Fujimoto's wild and bloody series. But while fans have been eager to see how the first part of the manga will be making the jump to anime, the anime team itself is already planting seeds for the future.

Following a two year break since the end of the first part of the series, original franchise creator Tatsuki Fujimoto returned to Shueisha's Jump offerings with an official Part 2 of the series. This new era introduces a new main character and her interesting Devil, and MAPPA CEO Manabu Otsuka revealed during the Chainsaw Man panel at Crunchyroll Expo (of which was in attendance) that the team wants to adapt this new series into an anime someday as well. 

Studio MAPPA CEO Manabu Otsuka revealed that while it's far from a confirmation that Chainsaw Man Part 2 will be getting an anime adaptation of its own, but the team at MAPPA is very hopeful that they will be able to make it into an anime someday. It's definitely a long shot considering that the team is focusing on the first part of the series for now (regardless of how far into production they currently are), but it's also not that hard to believe if the anime adaptation ends up being as much of a success as the hype for it teases. 

Part 2 of Chainsaw Man is currently unfolding with the newest chapters of the manga releasing with Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library. You can catch up with the latest three chapters completely for free, and it's here that you'll be introduced to a much different kind of series than Denji was in during the first era of the series. If the response to the anime's trailer and production thus far is any indication, Part 2 getting an anime someday isn't too wild of an idea. 


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