Chainsaw Man Writer Reveals Its Biggest Scripting Challenge

Since Chainsaw Man's manga returned for its second chapter, the series has reminded anime fans why the story of Denji has become so popular in a relatively short amount of time. With Studio MAPPA set to release the anime adaptation later this year, several of the creators behind the upcoming anime series took the opportunity to attend this year's Anime Expo and explained the toughest parts of adapting the events of the bloody manga from mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Our own Megan Peters attended the Chainsaw Man Panel at this year's Anime Expo which took place earlier this month, with Hiroshi Seko explaining the biggest hurdles that both himself and his team faced in adapting this wild and often brutal storyline:

"Seko-san is asked how his team adapted the manga's unpredictable pacing into a script for the anime. The writer shares things are case by case with each episode and by the chapter being adapted. We try our best to create each script best for the story. But there are times when we review things, if they are running a little long, we adjust a little. Or if it needs more time, we add a little bit of padding."  

Seko wasn't the only creator at MAPPA to comment on the upcoming adaptation, with Makoto Kimura also addressing the gore of the series, with Chainsaw Man never holding back when it came to Denji carving his way through a variety of devils:

"Kimura-san is asked how Chainsaw Man will handle gore and whether censoring or blurring will be used to tone it down. The producer says first, we are not censoring anything. You won't see any cross-hatching or whatnot. We want to be true to the original manga. We want to do our best to stay to the story, so what you see in there, we want to bring that to the fans."

A specific release date for Chainsaw Man's anime adaptation has yet to be announced, though that might change in the next few weeks as the series is set to make a splash at Crunchyroll Expo.

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