Cyberpunk: Edgerunners' Sixth Episode is a Masterclass in Storytelling

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is unequivocally a hit for Netflix, with the anime series by Studio TRIGGER taking fans into Night City via the protagonist, David Martinez. Over the ten episodes, fans come to know David through his trials and tribulations, though perhaps no installment hits harder than its sixth installment, which not only gives us Martinez at his lowest but also follows the cyber-psychosis suffering merc known as Maine. In weaving this tragic tale, episode six becomes a masterclass in storytelling.

Warning. If you haven't caught up with Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory so be forewarned before reading on. 

While the series already had one of Maine's crew die in an earlier episode, this installment felt like the true episode where Edgerunners could venture into a territory where anything could happen. Maine, as a character, has felt akin to Final Fantasy VII's Barret, keeping the crew of mercenaries together while also proving himself to be a physical powerhouse when it came to tearing through mechanical opponents. It's in this episode that we see that flaws that are haunting Maine, as his desire to protect has come with a bitter cost.

A big element of Cyberpunk 2077's world is that when too much technology has been slapped onto a person, they run the risk of entering into a state of "cyber psychosis", wherein their memories become mistaken with the events of the present and allies can be mistaken for enemies. While David might be the star of the series, Maine is allowed to shine here as viewers can see into his past and from the brief glimpses, form their own story as to how the mercenary leader came to be the juggernaut of technology that he is now known as. Maine didn't seem too different from David in the flashbacks, though it seemed as though he was far more willing to rely on his humanity rather than the technology he now harbors, making his fate all the more ironic.

Of course, a big element of this episode is the action, which is fast and frequent as Maine and his crew find themselves attempting to escape a Trauma Team that is hunting down the high-level executive that they kidnapped. While the bullets are flying, Maine is unable to maintain his sanity, losing Dorio in the process and unleashing a wave of destruction that almost makes viewers feel bad for the aggressors. 

In Maine's death, we're able to see David at his lowest and perhaps at his most clear, with the young speedster using his tech to tragically witness his mentor's death but ultimately finding himself unable to do anything in the face of it. Screaming in the face of Maine's demise, David is able to come away holding the arm of his teacher and is set on a path to becoming the head of the mercenary unit, for good and for bad. 

From start to finish, Episode Six of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners tells a full and tragic tale that examines the lives of its protagonists, while also showing the true tragedy of their story within the borders of Night City.

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