Death Note Is Going Viral Over One of Its Wildest Scenes

One of the Death Note's biggest strengths was the mind games played between Light Yagami, the wielder of the magical notebook, and the detective known as L, attempting to discover the secret identity of Kira, and one fan has gone viral by examining the relationship between these two once again. With the anime giving us a definite ending to the stories of both Light Yagami and L, which was brought to life by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, the world of Death Note has been explored a few times following the conclusion of this titanic battle of the minds.

As fans of the dark anime franchise know, Light is a "regular" high schooler who finds himself in possession of the Death Note, which grants him the ability to murder anyone as long as he has their real name and face in his mind's eye. Taking on the moniker of "Kira", Light attempts to create a brand new society by murdering anyone that he feels is a weight on society, with criminals, murderers, and others being in his sight. With L acting as a quirky detective that is seeking out Kira's real identity, he eventually finds himself in a meeting of the minds with Light as he attempts to figure out if Yagami is the killer and how he is eradicating people from a distance.

Twitter User Furrets Fribbles managed to share the hilarious breakdown of Light and L's continuing battle against one another, wherein they examine one another's movements and actions to such an insane degree that it made a number of Death Note's fans' heads spin as a result:

While Death Note doesn't seem to be returning to the world of anime any time soon, a sequel to the series was created with a special one-shot manga that followed a new user of the magical notebook, who is attempting to make money off Ryuk's number one item versus trying to change society by eliminating "undesirable elements" as Light had. While Netflix has confirmed that a sequel to the live-action film is in the works, there has been no release date as to when fans can expect it to land.

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