This 'Death Note' Tattoo Is Hauntingly Beautiful

Getting a tattoo is one way to express yourself, and anime fans have turned to the art for all [...]

Getting a tattoo is one way to express yourself, and anime fans have turned to the art for all their otaku needs. It isn't unusual to see fans ink symbols from Dragon Ball or One Piece on their skin, but Death Note isn't a top title to get tattooed. However, the series may be one of the most beautiful to sleeve when it is done right.

Over on Reddit, one fan shared a special tattoo their girlfriend got of Death Note. The piece, which can be seen below, highlights two of the franchise's top Death Gods, but they are not the only ones highlighted.

The colorful half-sleeve takes up the upper part of this fan's arm, and it has Ryuk at its center. Unfortunately, the photo shared of the ink covers Ryuk's face, but fans can see that the character's shaded skin and highlighted hair look on-point. To the right of Ryuk, fans can also see another Shinigami since Rem was inked.

My gf's Death note shinigami tattoo from r/anime

The pale character looks very different from Ryuk, but its shading looks flawless. Rem can be seen with his white locks falling over his face in this tattoo, and his yellow eyes pop from the half-sleeve.

Death Note may be at the center of this tattoo, but it doesn't just focus on the series' main characters. The tattoo also gives attention to other lesser-known Shinigami. For instance, Gelus is seen at the bottom of the tattoo, and fans will known the sewn-up character because of Misa Amani. The cute (?) Shinigami saved Misa from her fated murderer at the cost of his own life, and it was his Death Note which Misa was given by Rem. Other characters like Gook and what appears to be Daril Ghiroza appear in the sleeve as well.

There is no telling whether this anime lovers plans to extend their half-sleeve into a full one, but fans hope the piece will grow to include a few more Death Note icons. If the fan could handle the pain that came with Ryuk's portrait, then maybe they can give Light and his crunchy potato chips a try.

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