Demon Slayer Movie Release Earns R-Rating in North America

Demon Slayer has been teasing overseas fans with its movie ever since the blockbuster went live in Japan last fall. Audiences around the world have been waiting to check out the film given how popular the show has become. Now, a recent announcement has confirmed Demon Slayer will hit theaters in North America next month, and it will come with a very hefty rating.

Earlier today, the team behind Demon Slayer confirmed it will bring the anime's first film to North America on April 23. The film will screen in IMAX as well as 4DX for a special treat, but there is a catch. The movie got an R-rating because of its "violence and bloody images".

This reveal isn't too surprising for anyone who knows about Demon Slayer. The franchise isn't overtly gory, but it does lean into violence more often than not. Such is the life of a supernatural story concerned with demons. Still, this R-rating will prevent underage fans from seeing Demon Slayer in theaters without being accompanied by someone of age. This will likely hurt the box office total in North America, but that is hardly an issue given how much money Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Mugen Train has made so far.

This rated-R flick is not the first to surface from Japan when it comes to anime, but it is one of the most recent. Mainline series like Naruto and Dragon Ball do their best to avoid a restricted rating. Still, other series like Vampire Hunter D, Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell, and Akira hit theaters under such a rating. These series fared well despite being rated R, and we are sure Demon Slayer will do the same.


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