Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Mugen Train Reveals Digital Release Date

The day has finally arrived for North American Demon Slayer fans, as the franchise revealed [...]

The day has finally arrived for North American Demon Slayer fans, as the franchise revealed earlier today when fans can expect to see the adventures of the Mugen Train hit theaters in the West, but the anime didn't stop there as they also revealed when the first feature-length film of the franchise will be released digitally. Following the events that directly follow the conclusion of the first season, Mugen Train promises to shake things up by introducing a new demonic threat to the Demon Slayer Corps as Tanjiro and his friends seek assistance from the flame Hashira, Rengoku.

Since Demon Slayer: Mugen Train was released in Japan, the movie has been shattering box office records and has pulled away as the most profitable movie in the Eastern country, overtaking Spirited Away. The first feature-length film of the series has yet to be released in North America due mostly to the coronavirus pandemic, which has thrown a number of monkey wrenches into both the medium of anime as a whole as well theater operations in the West. With a number of vaccines having been distributed in North America, it seems as if a number of theaters are beginning the process of opening their doors once again, giving the Mugen Train the opportunity to hit the West shortly.

Demon Slayer took to its Official Twitter Account to reveal the upcoming North American theatrical release for the film, alongside the digital release that will launch on June 22nd and give fans the opportunity to watch the new adventure for Tanjiro, Nezuko, and their demon-slaying friends:

With the North American release confirmed, Demon Slayer fans have even more to look forward to this year as the second season will be released in 2021, continuing to examine Tanjiro's struggle to both avenge his family as well as cure the demonic affliction to his sister.

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