Demon Slayer Cosplay Revisits Tanjiro's "Spider-Mom" Killing Blow

Demon Slayer is currently tearing up the charts across the world thanks to the first movie of the [...]

Demon Slayer is currently tearing up the charts across the world thanks to the first movie of the popular Shonen series in Mugen Train, but a pair of cosplayers have banded together to depict one of the biggest moments in the first season wherein Tanjiro was able to deliver the killing blow the mother of the Spider Clan. Though "Spider-Mom" was definitely evil, having used the bodies of demon slayers to kill anyone who ventured into her path, Tanjiro gave her a swift death that gave us an opportunity to see the true tragedy of the character who was made into a demon.

Demon Slayer is a tragic story, thanks in part to the demons who were once human finding themselves dead set on feeding on the flesh of human beings, to say nothing of the event that set Tanjiro and Nezuko on their demon-slaying paths. With Tanjiro and his sister losing their family to the strongest demon seen in the world so far, the first season focused on the heroic swordsman traveling the countryside while making new friends in the forms of the "scaredy-cat" Zenitsu and the board masked hot-head in Inosuke. Though the first season came to a close, Mugen Train started immediately where the anime ended, with the second season already confirmed for release later this year.

Instagram User Akemi 101xoxo shared this impressive scene that was recreated from Demon Slayer's anime, using some adept Cosplay and interesting computer-generated graphics in order to give fans a brand new look at the death of the "Spider-Mom":

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The mother of the Spider Clan wasn't a nefarious character to start, being brought into the demonic congregation by the true mastermind behind the collective in Rui. The Spider Clan proved to be the biggest threat to Tanjiro and his friends in the anime's first season and definitely left an impression on fans, helping Demon Slayer to rise the ranks among Shonen series.

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train has easily become the most profitable movie in Japan, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars, so we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see far more Cosplay from the Shonen series come our way in the future.

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