Demon Slayer: Infinity Train May Be Delayed Due to Pandemic

The state of the global entertainment industry is hard to keep track of these days to the pandemic. The novel coronavirus has pushed countries to take unprecedented measures to prevent its spread, and that has forced billions to shelter at home. This means everything from film to TV to even anime has been hit hard by the order. And if a new report is right, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will fall victim the virus before too long.

Not long ago, fans got an update on the Demon Slayer panel which has been slated for April 10. The event was meant to share all-new info on the anime's film with the show's cast attending the event. Now, it turns out the stars will call into the event to speak with fans briefly about the show, and Anime TV JP says it will be announced that Demon Slayer: Infinity Train is being delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.

So far, fans do not even know when the film was set to debut, but they were told a 2020 release date was planned. This reported delay could push Demon Slayer: Infinity Train to 2021 at worst, but fans are hoping things pitter out in their favor. A month or two delay would be easily handled by the fandom, so we are hoping nothing too drastic will have to happen.


No official word has been given on this postponement but fans expect to hear something tomorrow during the panel. Netizens have been reassured that Demon Slayer will put out a new trailer and poster for its debut film tomorrow. Up until now, fans have only gotten a brief trailer which teases the film, so netizens can expect to get a new look at the movie tomorrow if all goes well.

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