Demon Slayer to Release a Truly Perfect Inosuke Coin Bank

Demon Slayer is the series which cannot be stopped nowadays. Thanks to the anime's immense success, the fantastical title stands as one of the highest-grossing in Japan nowadays. As the series continues its path towards global domination, millions of fans are looking to buy merchandise for Demon Slayer, and it turns out Aniplex+ has just the thing for Inosuke stans.

And yes, we really do mean it is perfect. There are few things more indicative of Inosuke than his boar mask, and that facade has been given a piggy bank makeover.

You can see the piece below as the store Aitai Kuji is accepting pre-orders for the Demon Slayer merch now. Aniplex+ confirmed it will begin selling the coin bank this fall, and it is basically what you would expect it to be.

The little Inosuke bank sits on your table and appears to be made of a soft rubber, so it will be nice to decorate with. The most important feature is the fact its slit is cut into the mask's nose. This means Demon Slayer fans will be able to save up money by putting cash into Inoosuke's nostrils, and that is pretty hilarious for fans.


Currently, you can check out pre-order details through Aniplex+ or distributors like Aitai Kuji. If all goes well, you will be able to add this bank to your collection after Demon Slayer puts out its first film. The anime's Infinity Train arc is being adapted into a feature film which is expected to release later this year.

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