Demon Slayer's Inosuke Donates Masks to Nurses in Light of Pandemic

As more than a billion people around the globe are sheltering in place due to the ongoing pandemic, there are those standing out as heroes. The first responders in this war are the doctors and essential workers who are thwarting the novel virus at every turn. And as supplies for some of these heroes got low, a simple citizen decided to channel their inner Inosuke a la Demon Slayer to help those in need.

Recently, a report went live in Japan which documents the special gift which a nursing school in Ichinoseki received. The school, which located in the Iwate Prefecture, was running low on gear as they continued to study and even check on patients in the area. A public plea was made by the school as students were in desperate need of supplies, and it was answered by a man who left extra gear under the name of Inosuke. Hashibira.

If that name sounds familiar to you, well - that is a good thing. Insouke comes straight from the Demon Slayer series, and he has since become a fan-favorite character. Known for his brash attitude, Insouke is always down to run into a fight, but the hero was far more willing to donate supplies in this case as needed.

insouke demon slayer
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There is no word on who the donor actually is, but they left plenty for the school. Not only did Inosuke leave out 100 masks for the school but he also brought disinfectant to boot.

Of course, fans will be happy to hear this story just gets even better. Not long after Insouke hit up this school to drop off supplies, another donation was given across town as hospitals near the nursing institution. At least 100 masks were donated by the anonymous donor who chose the name Zenitsu this time around. Clearly, the heroes of Demon Slayer are everywhere you look, and fans are grateful for the donor and their very generous contributions.


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