Demon Slayer Movie Smashes Box Office Records for Top Opening Day and Weekend

If you were ever in doubt of Demon Slayer's success, you have zero reason to worry after this [...]

If you were ever in doubt of Demon Slayer's success, you have zero reason to worry after this weekend. The premiere of Demon Slayer's movie took place three days ago in Japan, and the country is deep in Tanjiro's grasp. After all, the numbers are in, and it turns out Demon Slayer's movie has shattered records with its opening night and weekend.

The information comes from Famitsu overseas as the site reports Demon Slayer earned $43.58 million USD in its first three days. The opening weekend sold a record 3.42 million tickets which led too sold-out screenings across the country. In fact, the movie forced theater chains to temporarily lift COVID restrictions that limited the number of occupants per screening.

Currently, Demon Slayer holds the record for top opening day at the Japanese box office with $12.03 million USD. From Saturday to Sunday, the film earned over $31 million USD, and that total broke records for Japan's highest weekend opening to date.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train Movie Tanjiro
(Photo: Aniplex)

You can compare this insane number to Your Name, the current top-grossing anime film to date. Makoto Shinkai took over the record from Spirited Away back in 2016, and its first three days grossed $12.5 million USD. This is roughly what Demon Slayer's movie earned in its first opening. Shinkai's next film Weathering With You went on to earn $15.22 million in its first three days, but that gross cannot hold a candle to the $43.85 million earned by Demon Slayer.

Currently, screenings are still difficult to get into overseas as Demon Slayer is still selling out showings. The movie is screening in 400+ theaters in Japan including all 38 IMAX theaters. The film is slated to debut in North America as well with a premiere planned for early 2021.

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