Demon Slayer's Movie Hit a Nerve According to Some Surprising New Complaints

Demon Slayer is one of the biggest franchises in Japan, and it is only getting better by the day. If you did not know, the show's debut brought millions of fans to Tanjiro, and Demon Slayer cemented its legendary status once its movie dominated the global box office. But now, it seems a slew of surprising complaints were just submitted against the top-performing film.

The whole thing went down when Fuji TV brought Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Mugen Train to television. If you did not know, the cable network hosted a re-watch of the anime ahead of its second season. Of course, this culminated in the film's network premiere, but Japan's Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization was swept with complaints about the screening.

As noted by SoraNews24, the watchdog organization did get a slew of complaints about the movie. This time, it seems innocent audience members were taken back by the violence in the Demon Slayer movie. "There are too many scenes of bloodshed and cruelty," one anonymous writer complained.

"I was incredibly uncomfortable at the grotesque depictions of people being eaten, an arm being torn off, and other terrible acts of violence," another wrote. At this time, the BPO had not named Demon Slayer in this case but instead described the offending program as "the primetime broadcast of an anime work with a famous movie." When you look at the complaints' timeframe, the only thing that fits this bill is Demon Slayer, so it did not take long for fans to figure it out.

As such, the BPO Youth Committee did release a statement in light of the complaints. The organization assured fans that the film's contents met the criteria for cable, but as always, audiences should use their discretion when it comes to film.

"The popularity of the series and movie suggests that its content has been deemed acceptable. In addition, the concept of voluntary viewer discretion while watching is widely understood and accepted," the group shared in a statement.

Now, Demon Slayer has moved on to greener pastures as its second season has gone live. The show brought its premiere to television this past weekend with Rengoku dead center. Season two will hopefully wash away this little snafu, but fans better beware! The season's first arc is re-adapting the Mugen Train storyline in all of its brutality!

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