Digimon's Newest Evolution Was Inspired by Venom and Spawn

Digimon Adventure debuted a brand new Mega evolution for Devimon in the newest episode of the series, and the designer behind the monster confirmed that the design for this evolution is based on popular comic book characters like Venom and Spawn. The newest episode of the series featured the climax of the fight against Devimon as Tai, Matt, and Takeru struggled to face off against the dark Digimon. Things only got worse when it was revealed that Devimon had gained enough stolen data to reach its Mega evolution, DoneDevimon.

This new evolution was specifically created for the 20th Anniversary series and new take on Devimon, and Kenji Watanabe, the designer behind the monster designs of the franchise, revealed a new illustration alongside the debut of the episode. Not only does it give fans a slick new look at the fight itself, but Watanabe noted how the Todd McFarlane creations inspired the new evolution.

The likenesses jump out all the more getting this inspiration confirmation as DoneDevimon certainly acted like a blend of these two horrific comic book anti-heroes/villains look and act in their respective universes. From Spawn comes the long cloak and red streaks, and from Venom notably comes the large piercing eyes. Taking this one step further, DoneDevimon has a habit of sticking its long tongue out much like you see Venom do all the time.

Watanabe has opened up in the past about how designs like these helped to inspire the kind of monster designs he created for the Digimon franchise, and now fans are beginning to see even more wild variations introduced to the franchise thanks to this updated take on the 20 year old classic anime. But what do you think?


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