Digimon Adventure Reboot Reveals Its Final Monster

Digimon Adventure has been working its way towards the end for weeks now, and the finale is almost upon us. It won't be long before Taichi brings his latest journey to an end, but before he can wrap things up, a final monster must be dealt with. And as it turns out, the last baddie of Digimon Adventure is going to be gnarly.

The update comes ahead of the next episode of Digimon Adventure. With the finale at hand, the anime's team gave fans a glimpse of the monster Abbadomon with a new promo. It was there the gruesome beast was revealed, and the monster looks like it came straight from a nightmare.

As you can see above, the Digimon is centered by a large floating orb that is colored black with jagged lines covering its hull. A big mouth crosses the orb with pointed teeth, and Abbadomon even has a purple tongue to keep things interesting. Finally, the monster keeps the creepy aesthetic going with tons of ribbon-like tendrils, and each of the appendages comes with red eyes and sharp teeth.

Clearly, Abbadomon is a terrifying dude, and we haven't even touched upon his gnarly goal yet. As it turns out, Digimon Adventure created the beast from negative energy and data. As we all know, the Internet is filled with garbage, and netizens are more willing to spout rage when no one can follow up in real life. All of this bad juju made Abbadomon, and he hopes to blanket the world in nothingness. It will fall to Taichi and his friends to stop this beast, but the task is heavy. After all, Abbadomon is thought to have destroyed other Digital Worlds, and he will not stop until he ruins the one Taichi swore to protect. There is little doubt the gang will defeat this monster, but the big question remaining asks what the victory will cost.


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