Digimon Cosplay Channels Angewoman's Sublime Beauty

When it comes to Digimon Adventure, the series has made a comeback in the States thanks to its big reboot. The series has paid tribute to all of our favorite heroes like Agumon, but others such as Devimon have appeared as well. Of course, that means Angewoman has shown up in the reboot series, and one fan has honored the Digivolution in the best way possible with a gorgeous cosplay.

Over on Instagram, the user lie_chee got fans buzzing when they shared their take on the angelic monster. The cosplayer, who dabbles with tons of fandoms, said this Digimon look was their "dream cosplay" and is ecstatic to see it done.

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You can check out the Digimon cosplay above in all of its pastel glory. The costume which Angewoman is wearing looks like it was ripped straight from the anime and brought to life. The fan is wearing a weathered metal helmet with wigs on its sides, and long blond hair falls from the headgear. Angewoman is even rocking a red lip in this photo, and it compliments the long pink wrap that the Digimon always carries.

As for the outfit, Angewoman is spot-on from its cut-outs to its chest armor. The bodysuit is an exact replica from the anime, and it pairs with the feathered shoes that lie_chee is rocking. The whole piece comes together with eight feathered wings which span from the fan's back, and they are photographed her mirroring an iconic pose that Angewoman tends to take. And based on the quality of this cosplay, if there were ever an argument for whether Digimon could be done in live-action then here is the proof of concept.

What do you think of this angelic Digimon cosplay? Does it do the Digivolution justice or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.