Digimon Adventure Finally Introduces Patamon to the Reboot

Digimon Adventure has finally introduced Patamon to the reboot series. The new 20th Anniversary anime for the franchise has been unfolding in tons of surprising ways, but several key players have finally been set in place now that the series has completed its first major arc. Although the original series brought the seven DigiDestined to the Digital World all at the same time in the premiere episode, this new series took its time to establish the seven chosen children. With Takeru making his debut in this new Digital World a few episodes ago, it was only a matter of time until we saw his partner in full.

After teasing Patamon's introduction to the series when the second ending theme sequence released, fans have seen Takeru's Digimon partner go from its full evolution as the Holy Digimon Angemon to a Digi-Egg, Tokomon, and finally an evolution to its Rookie level with the newest episode of the new series after using more of its holy powers in the fight against DoneDevimon.

Episode 24 of the series brought the fight against Devimon to an end. It was a major struggle that saw the debut of a brand new Mega evolution for the dark Digimon, and this Mega proved too much for Tai and Matt to fight off on their own. This pushes Tai and MetalGreymon to the edge, and MetalGreymon unlocks a dark and unstable version of its Mega evolution during the fight.

As it goes berserk, Takeru and Tokomon join their powers together and Tokomon is able to reach into MetalGreymon's mind and free him from his berserk state with his holy power. This tires out Tokomon immediately after, but it's soon revealed that thanks to this last ditch effort Tokomon was able to evolve into Patamon by the end of the episode. We have seen Takeru's partner grow incredibly fast within the last few episodes alone, so it definitely raises some questions about how much stronger this version of the fan favorite is with the boost of its angelic powers.

But now that the seventh Digimon and his partner are finally cemented in the reboot, fans can only wait for the eighth. Are you excited to see Patamon join the Digimon Adventure reboot series? Are you hoping to see more holy Digimon evolutions in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!